Facing down a serious criminal charge can put you in a constant state of unease. With your future on the line and the strength of your criminal defense in jeopardy, having a dedicated Fort Myers criminal defense lawyer assist you with your case can help overturn your charge even before your trial begins. Through pre-trial motion practice, your attorney can potentially have incriminating evidence barred by the court from being used against you by the prosecution if that evidence was retrieved in violation of your constitutional rights such your right to be free from unreasonable searches or seizures.

Motions to suppress can be very valuable to someone facing a criminal charge. Especially when the evidence you are up against is overwhelmingly favoring the prosecution, a motion to suppress filed by a criminal defense lawyer can help you reduce your charges or have them dismissed entirely. Contact my law firm today to get the criminal defense you deserve by calling (239) 284-5708.

How Can a Motion to Suppress Help Me?

A motion to suppress evidence can be extremely helpful in a variety of ways. Getting evidence that incriminates you dismissed from your case can lessen your chances of getting convicted of your charge. For example, if evidence for your drug case was unlawfully obtained by law enforcement, then that evidence and any evidence obtained after that could potentially be suppressed.

In certain circumstances, while the evidence that is suppressed may not be enough to completely have your charges dropped, it can provide leverage for a plea deal that can reduce your charges significantly. Get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Myers today to talk through your potential options going forward.

How Can a Defense Lawyer Help Me Win a Motion to Suppress?

A judge will ultimately decide whether or not your constitutional rights were violated during the collection of the evidence being used against you and, therefore, whether your motion to suppress is valid. A criminal defense attorney can advocate for you to demonstrate to the court why your evidence was unlawfully obtained. If a judge grants your motion to suppress, you may end up having your charges reduced or dismissed with the help of a criminal defense lawyer negotiating a deal on your behalf.

Which Criminal Defense Lawyer Should I Trust with My Case?

A successful motion to suppress can make a major impact on your criminal case by chipping away at the prosecutor’s evidence. You should do everything you can to ensure you obtain the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer adept at resolving matters before a trial even takes place. Get in touch with the Sherman Defense Law Firm, P.A. at (239) 284-5708 to see how a motion to suppress can help you with your case.