With countless drivers on the road, it is important to practice safe driving techniques any chance you get. However, in some cases, drivers may end up faltering on the road. If a police officer catches you in the act of violating traffic laws or driving recklessly, you may end up getting charged with a criminal driving offense. The most common types of criminal driving offenses include but are not limited to:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving with an expired license plate
  • Failing to properly register a vehicle or attaching an unassigned tag
  • Driving without a valid license
  • Driving without a commercial driver’s license
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • Leaving the scene of a crash
  • Racing on a highway
  • Fleeing or Eluding Law Enforcement
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Vehicular homicide

Taking extra care on the road can help you avoid any of those criminal driving offenses. However, if you have been arrested for or charged with a criminal driving offense, it is best to reach out to a distinguished criminal defense lawyer in Fort Myers to assist you with your case.

What Steps Can I Take to Avoid a Criminal Driving Offense?

Many people go their entire lives without committing a driving offense. Being in a car accident can be incredibly challenging for all parties involved, but especially when you are facing the blame. Practicing safe driving habits can help you avoid inadvertently breaking the law while on the road.

Drive at the speed limit whenever possible to avoid putting others and yourself at risk of an accident. Driving without distractions, such as texting and driving, can also help you avoid getting charged with a criminal driving offense. If you have your license suspended or revoked, you must find alternative methods of transportation such as riding a bike, taking a bus or using rideshare services. Finally, designate a sober driver or use a ridesharing service or taxi whenever you go out to drink so you don’t risk the chance of getting charged with a DUI. Driving even with a slight “buzz” is ill-advised, so the best rule of thumb is to not drive after you have consumed even a slight amount of alcohol.

And although harder to prove in court, you can also be arrested and charged with a DUI if law enforcement suspects you are under the influence of any drugs or narcotics, including marijuana. Even though some narcotics tend to stay in the blood stream long after consumption, there are times when the surrounding circumstances provide for a reasonable inference that the consumption was more recent such as the presence of narcotics or narcotic paraphernalia being found in the vehicle you were driving when stopped by the police.

What If I’ve Been Charged with a Criminal Driving Offense?

On top of potential legal penalties that can range from county jail or even state prison sentences, expensive fines, driving school mandates, and more, you may also have your license suspended or revoked or have a current suspension extended or indefinitely imposed due to your criminal driving offense. Protect your rights and freedoms with the help of a Fort Myers criminal driving offense lawyer today.

Are All Criminal Defense Lawyers the Same?

Not every criminal defense lawyer is adept at representing you at every stage of your criminal case. I strive to provide strong and aggressive legal representation from the very moment I take on your case until the very end. Many criminal cases can be resolved without going to court. My aim is to get you the best results possible for your criminal driving offense case. Contact the Sherman Defense Law Firm, P.A. today at (239) 284-5708 to get started as soon as you can.